This Colossal 1939 Antarctic Snow Cruiser Was the Ultimate Overland Rig and Now It’s Missing – MotorBiscuit

The early days of the automotive industry were wild and exciting. Hope and optimism were in abundance during this age of mechanical engineering. Automakers had cool ideas and tried them. Exhibit A: the 1939 Antarctic Snow Cruiser. This thing was a cartoonishly huge RV and the ultimate overland rig, but it went missing on its only Antarctic mission. 

1939 Antarctic Snow Cruiser | YouTube: Mustard

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was the ultimate overland rig

According to CarScoops, in the late 30s and early 40s, there was a lot of interest in Antarctica. To prove its zeal for the icy continent, America did what Americans do best, build a massive RV to conquer this new land with steel and diesel. 

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