Jenna Ortega Just Told Me *All* About Her Post-COVID-19 Summer Beauty Routine

Jenna Ortega might be on a permanent break with makeup. Like, you know how Ross and Rachel went on a break and then just stayed broken up for a few years? Kinda like that. Quarantine gave her skin a much-needed break from all the products, and going back into the world hasn’t made her want to put on a full face anytime soon.

And honestly, I get it. Aside from being known for her role as Young Jane on Jane the Virgin, Harley Diaz on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle, and Elli Alves on Netflix’s You, Jenna just keeps collecting Netflix titles like the lipsticks that gather in the bottom of my purse: The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Yes Day, The Fallout, and her newest project: Wednesday, where she’ll be playing Wednesday herself, the Addams family’s coolest and most terrifying character.

I mean, it’s all highkey impressive for an 18-year-old (which, what?!). So it’s no surprise that after the last year of being locked down, Jenna’s makeup routine has officially been pared back and her focus has shifted more to skincare and haircare. I was lucky enough to chat with the Neutrogena ambassador over Zoom to hear all about her new routines, and trust me when I say her picks are good (like, prepare-to-change-your-routine good). Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

On how quarantine affected her relationship with makeup:

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“I might just end up being on a forever break from makeup. It’s so nice, especially when I’m working, they put so much hair and makeup products on my body. I feel like my skin reacts to it better and I feel good about myself. I can just allow my body to breathe, which I think has been quite rewarding.”

On surviving summer in the desert:

“I get oily very easily and I start sweating, so if I’m going to wear makeup, there is more powder involved. I’m using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, pink grapefruit as always. I’ve used it my entire life and I still use it to this day, it just really works for me. Neutrogena also has a scalp scrub, which I’ve been into as well. It’s very refreshing on the scalp and doesn’t feel aggressive, which is really nice after a long day of people pulling on your hair.”

On her holy grail beauty products:

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“If I do wear makeup, I’m going to do the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mascara, some lip balm, and then I might go on with some concealer as well. I think when you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, you kind of have that natural blush going on, so I don’t really worry about anything else like that. Lashes are my favorite thing, so I think mascara is probably the one product that I use every day—I keep one in my bag too.

“I also just started getting back into using an eyelash curler. I’ll go, like, six months without it and then it’ll become that one random fixation I have for months and months and then I’ll just drop it again. But I’m into right now.

“I feel like I just really need some scrunchies or rubber bands, you know. I think scrunchies are a lot softer on your hair. I deal with a lot of breakage because of my work and how much it’s being damaged with heat, so I try to use hair ties that aren’t going to rip my hair even more than your typical, standard rubber band.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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